How Negative Ion Clothing Works

We are aware that negative ion bring along many advantages for good health. There are a few ways to get access to these healthy negative ions.

  • Natural such as waterfall region, mountainous region, beach present high concentration of negative ions
  • Air Ionizer or negative ion generator
  • Negative ion clothing and blanket

Waterfall Negative Ions Concentration

Natural – Waterfall And Mountain Region

To enjoy natural negative ion generated by the environment, we need to travel to waterfall region or mountainous area. Very often, we can only stay to enjoy the naturally generated ions for a couple of days, usually during vacation. After the vacation, we would return to city where the air quality contain more positive ions.

Air Ionizer Or Negative Ion Generator

No doubt the air ionizer may be a good man made solution for generating negative ions. However, you can’t get to breathe in all the negative ion generated unless you stay very close, less than a meter to where the ionizer is located. Anion dispensed from the air ionizer is scattered thinly around the room to do their job of purifying the air. There wouldn’t be much negative ions for you to breathe in.

Negative Ion Clothing – Negative Ion Blanket

Our negative ion blanket provide an alternate way to get those beneficial anions for good health at a breeze. Our negative ion blanket incorporate anion into the blanket through our negative ion fabric technology. It is an easy and quick way to get anion, just wrapped yourselves with our negative ion blanket while you sleep. Our blanket surround you with an abundant supply of anion, more than that you can get from waterfall area.

The abundant negative ions generated help to keep our body in a slightly alkaline state that makes it an unfavorable ground for diseases. Hence, promoting good health and well being.

Sleep quality can be improved with our negative ions blanket. Sleeping is controlled by parasympathetic nerves of the autonomic nervous system. When the parasympathetic nerve functions well, it has the ability to relax the body at a rest and relax state. Hence, sleep quality will be good naturally. The negative ions generated by our anion blanket can make the parasympathetic nerve work normally.

Pamper yourself with this negative ion blanket, it is a sure way to improve your sleep quality and health well being.

How Does Our Blanket Generate Negative Ions

Our blankets are made with our specially formulated negative ion fabric. It is a cool and effortless way to improve your health. Simply create some friction by rubbing the blanket against the skin and it would generate lot of negative ions. In fact, there is no need to intentionally rub the blanket against the skin. Our breathing and sleep movement (such as tossing around) create the necessary friction to generate ample anions.

Ion Tester Show High Level Of Anion

Here is an ion test that we did on our negative ion blanket with the mini air ion tester.

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The air ion tester show a negative ion reading of -1398. Every unit display on the test meter consists of 104 ion/cc. Therefore, this negative ion clothing blanket generate -1398 X 104 = -145,392 ion/cc, which is more than the amount of negative ions you get at waterfall region.

Pamper yourself with this negative ion blanket, it is a sure way to improve your sleep quality and health well being.