Negative Ion Blanket

You don’t need to stay near a waterfall to enjoy the benefits of negative ions. With this Anion blanket, you could be sleeping your way to good health.

Benefits Of Negative Ions Clothing

Exposure to an abundant amount of negative ions has been shown to improve your health. Hence, it is a good idea to surround yourself with negative ions by wearing negative ion clothing.

Our anion blankets are specially designed to supercharge you with plenty of negative ions which are beneficial for your body.

Negative ion help restore an alkaline pH balance to the blood. As we all know that an alkaline pH balance body is a healthy body with no pain and diseases.

High levels of negative ions promote the production of globulin in the blood, resulting in a better immune system.

Anion accelerates the recovery of the body from physical exhaustion and fatigue by increasing the oxygen levels in the blood and facilitating more efficient oxygen utilization.

Negative ions play an important role in balancing the autonomic nervous system. By having a balance autonomic system, it helps to calm and relax nerves, resulting in healthy and balanced body functions.

Why Having An Ionizer Is Not The Best Solution

Living in the modern city and town very often present an environment that has high positive ions. Having a negative ion generator in the home or office can help the modern city dweller to reap the health benefits from negative ions. However, not all ionizers are equal. You need to do your selection carefully to get the right one.

There are drawbacks associated with using the ionizer. These are electrically powered devices. You need to use it in an enclosed area with window closed. Furthermore, they are not mobile. You need to stay close to one to enjoy the negative ions.

Very often, these negative ion generators are expensive and can only last 1 – 2 years. After the 1 year warranty, you may need to invest in another ionizer or maintain the old one at your own cost.

Some ionizers has exhaust fan and motor that produces loud noise. It simply disturbs a good night sleep with these loud noises. Faulty generators can produce harmful gases such as ozone which can be detrimental to body cells and functions. It is very often difficult to choose the right ioniser with the least side effect.

Studies show that we absorb only 15% of the negative ions through breathing. Our skin can absorb higher amount of negative ion. It has an absorption rate of greater than 85%.

Your Health Matters

So, what is a better solution to good health?

Compared with the ionizer, our negative ion blankets are safe for the whole family. It enhanced your sleep by providing an anionic sleep environment stimulating the waterfall plenty of anion condition. Negative ions are absorbed through the skin when you sleep. Hence, it is good to wear negative ions clothing as well as to surround yourself with the negative ions blanket.

We spend an average of 1/3 of our time sleeping. Surround yourself with the anion blanket just like a baby. It is a simple and effective way to stay healthy while sleeping. No extra effort of plugging in the ioniser. Simply sleep with our blanket and enjoy good health. As simple as that!

You do not have to worry about the anion generator producing ozone instead of negative ion. There is no need to sacrifice your sleep quality to get your daily dose of negative ion, just as with a noisy ionizer. Rather, our negative ion blanket can make you sleep better. A good night sleep is worth a lot. Getting your beauty rest, you can perform better in your work the following day.

Our Specially Treated Negative Ion Blanket

Our anion blankets are specially treated with our secret formulation to generate plenty of negative ions. It generates an amount of negative ion that is close to what you get when you visit the waterfall. The amount of anion generated does not diminish with washing. You can use the blanket for years to get your anion.

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Brand: Lederglitz

Colour: Purple

Size: 150cm X 200cm

Price: $250

Negative Ion Blanket

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Need proof? Use The Ion Tester To Check The Anion Generated

We are very confident of our product. We invite you to measure our product with the ion tester.

Ion Testing For Anion Blanket

The mini air ion tester displays a negative ion reading of -1398. Every unit display consists of 104 ion/cc. So this negative ion clothing blanket generate -1398 X 104 = -145,392 ion/cc, which is more than the amount of negative ions you get at waterfall region.

Waterfall Negative Ion Concentration

Wrapping yourself with the negative ion blanket while you sleep would help to achieve the same healing effect as staying close to waterfall bring.

Experience The Benefits Of Having Plenty Of Negative Ions Nourishing You While You Sleep With The Negative Ion Blanket